3 Simple Steps To Buy Your New LOL Smurf Account

Select The Account

Select The Account

Select your LoL Smurf Account Package, read the description, click "Buy Now" and follow the prompts.

Place Your Order

Place Your Order

Now enter the email where you want to receive the league of legends account details and click continue. Proceed by clicking "Confirm and pay.

Receive LOL Account details

Receive LOL Account details

Right after the payment you will receive an email with all the info related to the league of legends account. Remember to change the account email and password.



When you buy an LoL Smurf account from us your league of legends account will be delivered instantly after completing your purchase on-screen and via email. Our automated systems work 24/7, 365 days a year.


LOL Smurfs Shop provides a warranty and excellent support for all of our LOL smurf accounts. If something happens to your League of Legends account after purchase, you're covered by our guarantee!


We sell the highest quality LoL and cheap unranked accounts around with the lowest ban rates of any seller – all covered by our warranty. We assure you that LOL Smurfs Shop is the best place to buy league of legends accounts!


Here at LoL Smurfs, we have great prices on all our League of Legends & Smurf accounts across various regions. Buy cheap LOL accounts with the highest quality.

Why Buy a League of Legends Account

Because we care about you, we want to make sure that you know exactly the benefits when you buy a League of Legends account. The most obvious benefit is that you don’t have to work your way up from level 1 to level 30 again. Depending on your experience and skill, that can take a few days or a couple of weeks. With a level 30 smurf account, you can jump right into the action with a high-level account from Day 1. In League of Legends, the ELO system prevents high-level players from fighting alongside low-level players. This means high-level players can’t play with and show the ropes to their real-life friends who are just starting out. But with an unranked smurfs account, that becomes possible. We offer a wide range of accounts including cheap unranked smurfs, lol EUW smurf, lvl 30 lol account, league of legends unverified accounts, and more. We guarantee that LOL Smurfs Shop is the best place to buy league accounts! Buy Now with confidence and peace of mind.



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Fast delivery, everything as described.
Quick and easy. How it should be. Highly recommend!!!
Quick Honest Delivery This Was My Third Account From This Site Always A Pleasure.


I got banned for flaming/feeding/hacking. Does your warranty cover this?
NO! We are fully transparent about what our warranty covers in our ToS. It covers any defects or fault of our own. If you buy a LoL account from us and get it banned due to your own bad behavior or rule-breaking then we cannot help you.
Can I choose my smurf account name?
Unfortunately, the account name is already chosen as soon as the account gets created. You will receive your account information instantly after making a transaction. However, do not worry, because all the names of our accounts are chosen carefully to satisfy players expectations.
Is this a trusted trading service?
Yes! Customer security and protection is one of the most important things to us! All your payments are being processed through private SSL and 256-bit encryption. Each of our customer is being given a lifetime warranty. League Of Legends euw account – Smurf Lol account buy.
What currencies do you accept?
We accept USD or EUR. Other currencies will be automatically converted based on the currency exchange rate during that day.
What payment methods can I use?
You can make a payment through Paypal or using Bitcoin wallet. Both of these methods are fully automated to provide fastest service! League Of Legends euw account.
Can I order more than one account?
Yes! You can always order several accounts at the same time. If you prefer to do so – get in touch with us and we will offer the best solution for you!
How will I receive my account? (how quickly after purchase I will receive my account?)
Your account information will be sent to your email instantly after the payment! It might take up to five minutes for the details to arrive. League Of Legends euw account – Account Shop – Smurf Lol account buy
What happens if my smurf gets banned?
We never had this issue, however if your account would get banned before pre-purchasing it – we would change the account to a new one for absolutely free or we would issue a full refund to you.